From humble beginnings

Bee Free Kids Clothing was founded by Caoimhe Tuthill, a ballet dancing, stilt walking, archaeologist who spent 10 happy mucky years digging for treasure. Unfortunately along came the recession, then came redundancy so it was time to hang up my hard hat and put away my trusty trowel and to try something totally different.

So how does someone who hasn’t a notion about sewing start designing and making children’s clothing and accessories? I have always loved design, art, colour, crafts, textiles and experimenting with different materials so I started thinking of possibilities...

I am very lucky to be Mama to an absolutely gorgeous wee gal and I noticed that at a very young age the kid’s clothes seemed to change from bright vibrant colours to a more grown up, conservative look. I love seeing kids in clothing that allows them to play, to have fun, to jump in puddles & to explore the great outdoors without restrictions. I love having pockets for their treasures, hoods for cosiness and making clothes that are as unique, colourful and distinctive as they are themselves.

So with that in mind I decided to call on the skills of my talented and patient Mam who gave me a crash (and very frustrating!) course in dress making and with the help of my Papa’s 40 year old sewing machine I started designing and making kids clothing...

Well it wasn’t that easy, there was a lot (and I mean a whole heap) of trial and error but once I started creating the clothes and baby wraps out of fleece I found ways of putting more character and fun into each piece. The feedback and comments that I was getting from children and adults alike was very positive so I decided that it was worth giving it a shot & I started expanding my range.

I met with the Meath Enterprise Board in late 2011 who suggested that I try Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Expo. I didn’t have a clue what to expect but in January of 2012 I officially launched Bee Free Kids Clothing at Showcase. I had a great response and things started to take off after that...

There is so much more I want to create. I have had lots of cool conversations with my daughter, nephews and nieces about fairies & fairytale land, dinosaurs & monsters, pirates, planes, trains & automobiles, the sea and the stars, rainbows, flowers & all creatures great & small so I have a mind full of ideas just bursting to get out!

Big Massive thanks to;

  • My fabulous hubby for putting up with me while all the madness has been going on, I’m sure I drive him crazy but he has been a great support to me.
  • My gorgeous and talented Mam and Dad for ALL their help. They never cease to amaze me, they are fab!
  • My amazing family, sibs, nephews, nieces, in laws, outlaws and friends for all their help, support, feedback, you’re all brill.
  • Bridget & Claire from Bammedia Graphic Design Studio, for my amazing website & for all their help. They managed to get what’s going on inside my head out and that certainly isn’t the easiest of tasks!
  • The Meath Enterprise Board for all their help, encouragement and support.
  • Gareth McGaughey Photography for taking such beautiful photos. He managed to get even the most reluctant models to have some fun (well with the help of some chocolate & some funny sound effects!)
  • Big massive thanks to all my wonderful models, you guys made the clothes come to life and your smiles & energy fill these pages.
  • And last but definitely not least big love and cuddles to my beautiful daughter who is a constant source of fun, adventure & wonder to me.
  • This is starting to sound like an award speech so I will stop it there! I hope like what you see, if you do please tell others (& if you don’t please tell me!)

    xxx Caoimhe