Pirate Fun

What You'll Need:

Safety Scissors, Elastic or String, Sticky Tape, Heavy Card, Printer, Facepaints
  1. Download the PIRATE FUN SHEET here, and print it out in colour or black and white.
  2. For your eyepatch, cut out the shape with your safety scissors and attach it to your elastic or piece of string. Always make sure to get an adult to help you!
  3. For your moustache & eyebrows, cut out the shapes using your safety scissors and use them to trace around on your face. Or just use it as inspiration!
  4. For your sword, line up Part A and Part B together and then stick to your heavy card (a cereal box is perfect). Using your safety scissors, cut out the sword.
  5. Practise your “Arrgghh’s” and your “Ahoy there mateys” & enjoy!

Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation with us via facebook or email to be in with a chance to win some lovely surprises.

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