Balloon Bee

What You'll Need:

2 Yellow Balloons, Red Marker, Glue stick, Sticky Tape, Safety Scissors, Printer

Using your red marker, draw some straight vertical stripes on 1 of your balloons.

Blow up this striped balloon for the body of the bee. Blow it up bigger than the other yellow balloon which we will use as the head of the bee.

Download the WORK SHEET here, and print it out in colour or black and white.

Using a safety scissors cut out the eyes, the mouth, and the wings. Always make sure to get an adult to help you!

Using your gluestick or sticky tape, attach the wings to the body and the eyes and mouth to your face.

You now have your very own Mr. Bee Free!

Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation with us via facebook or email to be in with a chance to win some lovely surprises.

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