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Continue the beautiful work & the kind touch

Thanks a million for snuggle blanket just received Caoimhe. You are so kind with your lovely message and so easy to deal with & not to mention the fabulous stuff. I'm so proud of this snuggle blanket, wonderful colour & design, especially for our new Grandson. Continue the beautiful work and the warm touch .. Not easy to find in this world. So much appreciated, thank u again.

Marian F

"So nice to find a range of original colorful clothes that my boys can wear..."

So nice to find a range of original colorful clothes that my boys can wear. They are going to spend enough time in grey, brown and blue so it's my job to embrace some color!

MJ, New Jersey

"I’d like one for myself also!"

Thank you. She really loves the flower & butterfly poncho and you were right about the sizing, the medium was plenty big, I’d like one for myself also!

Martha G

"He loves it & especially loves the sword!"

Hi there, My son is pirate mad and I was delighted to find your pirate hoodie. He loves it & especially loves the sword! Best of luck with your website.

Luke Fitzgerald

"We love it!"

Yesterday my son Hugh received his aunt’s really cool gift – one of your elephant snuggle blankets personalised with his name. We love it!

Steve, Edinburgh.

"I hope your imagination never wanes!"

My friend Karen bought one of your blankets with my daughter Beth’s name on it for her 1st birthday. She loves butterflies and in the past week has gotten very attached to her butterfly blanket. I have had a quick look at your website, I hope your imagination never wanes!

Lynda, Cork.

"The cosiest, THE fluffiest, THE most gorgeous blanket EVER!"

I received a Bee Free "Rocket Snuggle Wrap" as a present when my little boy was born. Almost 8 months later, it is the gift that keeps on giving!! It is THE cosiest, THE fluffiest, THE most gorgeous blanket EVER. It has grown with him & what used to keep him snug in his moses basket, is now the essential blankee in the car, in the buggy, and in his cot at night.. Whats more, after all that use and washing, it is still as fluffy and soft and snuggable as the first day we got it. A great gift!


"A few weeks ago he started talking about rocket ships..."

1 year ago my severely speech delayed son got a present of one of your rocket ship blankets. Every night instead of a story as he was tucked in we spoke to him about rocket ships, planets, and stars. Unbelievably a few weeks ago he started talking about rocket ships and the 'very hot' coming out of the engine of his rocket ship blanket. So which came first, the chicken or the egg; in this case I think it was the blanket. Thank you all.


"I love seeing him in such bright colours!"

I cannot get my two year to take his Dinosaur jumper off; he absolutely loves frightening people with the Dinosaur & I love seeing him in such bright colours!

Nicola McGrath

"She loves the attention!"

I bought a pixie dress with a hood for my daughter at The Christmas Fair in Tayto Park. Her cousins and friends love it, she loves it and she loves the attention! We will be in touch again soon.

Ann C. Dublin.